Talk Propasal Review - JsFoo 2019

10 Apr 2019 - 3 minute read


From the perspective of a potential audience member.

Proposed Talk: Not everything can fit in rows and columns - Ashok Vishwakarma

Primary goal

Make developers aware of the benefits Dgraph and get started with it in JavaScript. home page

First Half

Presenting a more performant and easier-to-connect-schemas alternative to Relational Databases are Graph Databases, in which Dgraph is a frontrunner. The talk is comprehensive about the benefits and explains the scenarios it is effective in.

Second Half

Dgraph has official clients in Go, JS and Java. Using a client requires getting acquainted with quite a bit. Hence, the speaker has built an ORM (an easier API wrapper) around the JS client that makes it easier for folk to get started with a familiar syntax.