Talk Proposal Review Jsfoo 2019

From the perspective of a potential audience member.

Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019

On request: some thoughts on a proposed talk for JSFoo: Not everything can fit in rows and columns by Ashok Vishwakarma

Primary goal

Make developers aware of the benefits Dgraph and get started with it in JavaScript. home page

First Half

Presenting a more performant and easier-to-connect-schemas alternative to Relational Databases are Graph Databases, in which Dgraph is a frontrunner. The talk is comprehensive about the benefits and explains the scenarios it is effective in.

Second Half

Dgraph has official clients in Go, JS and Java. Using a client requires getting acquainted with quite a bit. Hence, the speaker has built an ORM (an easier API wrapper) around the JS client that makes it easier for folk to get started with a familiar syntax.